[F]exe is a trojan?

I remember once playing this game for a brief period on my old laptop to come to the conclusion that it simply could not run it at all and forgetting about it I thought thanks to TBs reminder to give it a look again.


So I went to the main site and start to download, but bitdefender kicks in about halfway done blocking the download and removing the .exe to launch the game stating it is a trojan. So I am like sure it is a game I think it should be fine add to game folder tot he exceptions for the virus scan and restart the download, but it seems bitdefender keeps blocking it now by firewall. 


So what is going on here? 



This is the error I get now btw:




I put the process and folder in the allow exclusions of bitdefender, but still :frowning:

This is often a false positive. You need to set it to allow correctly.

I just run it through steam now, that works fine and I knew it was a false positive, but I just couldn’t get bit defender to believe me.