[F]epic loot


i dont know if someone has like me, but im using now all ships t2-2 and my ordinary and rare loot is for t2, but each epic i get is t1.

Same here. Getting trash or T1 rare or epic but no T2 epics. Only rare ones. Also if i fight T3 i still get T1 equip by running T2-2. <.< I could fully equip T1 in epic if i whant to. LOL

I’ve found couple of t2 “epic” (overcharged) items for frigates back when I had only dvergr knight in my dock, and since I don’t even have a frigate slot I sold them for peanuts. :00444:

overcharged are rare, epic has purple color

overcharged are rare, epic has purple color

thx, i didn’t know that. i have never found one of those… :01414:

could you make fast patch ? im geting all the time purple items T1… its annoying

Thanks for the report I will forward it.

thanks Error, because i got like 11 purple and all t1. that is sad ;(