[F]Energy production varies in battle

Noticed this in the last few battles with my Interceptors. This isnt affected by the last 1/3 of your energy bar where you will drain even more/or produce less energy than usual.

While boosting my energy went up again without energy emitter! While a battle later my energy was rapidly drained by the bosters. Also noticed that sometimes you drain nearly up to none of your energy while boosing. All seen on the same ship with the same equip and skills. Also compared to one of my Wingmates in a battle with the same ship and equip that he needs more or less energy than me. So i guess something is wrong with the energy procudtion. Did anyone else noticed this behavior?


if i recall correctly i recognised this in cbt…yet i believed it was rather a feature to allow players for quicker recover of total power loss…

i notice this behaviour with my medium ship: all command modules active and boosting: energy drops to a certain level and then stays constant…if the energy for some reason drops below that level it will slowly regenerate until it hits this level again…

Im not talking about the behavior of regeneration from 0% up to 100% here. There is a point around 30% of energy where you produce less than usual. Im talking about the diffrence in each battle. In the first one my Inty produces less and i run out of energy a few second later while in the next one he pumps my energy bar full or doesent even lose energy at all while boosting. Like the energy production is affected somehow, while still having the same equip as bevore. There is some sort of bug in the system that causes this behavior.

lets just say your inti shows the energy lvl on a non-linear scale ^^

on topic:

i have notice a similar behaviour especially after you turn of boost - there seems to be some sort of cool off and ramp up period

Tested the passiv armour (increases energy production by 53%) on my T2-2 Machete S and there is the same behavior if you watch the energy production in battles. 1 Battle energy replenishment is always bigger than consumption a game later the opposite effect appears. So i think there is a general bug in the % calculation for all ships, since hull modifiers are also bugged.