[F]Energy Emitter Does Nothing

Launch Game > Equip MKII Energy Emitter > Start Match > Ram into asteroid and take hull damage > Activate energy emitter > Green field expands from your ship and then nothing happens.

No damage is repaired for me or anyone around me and there is no noticeable energy consumption.

RTFD - read the fine description…

it’s an ENERGY emitter which as the name implies emitts energy -> you can use it to refill your allies and your own capacitor,

unfortunately it does NOT repair your hull or the hull of your team members

the module you’re looking for is named something like directed repair i believe…it can be found at the support section of the frigate equip screen and has a green cube as icon

have a nice day :smiley:

I think this is why I was confused:


I guess “Hull” is supposed to be replaced with “Energy”

Thanks for the report. It’s a wrong descriptions and will be fixed as soon as possible.