[F]Downloading game launcher fail and them assigned support staff fail

Sad wgen the launcher was downloaded twice and both times failed to launch. Them the assigned support alpha guru failed to notice that this was NOT WAR THUNDER that he was trouble shooting which after 7Th reply this person was finally told it’s not war thunder and them there was no more trouble shooting with the tech person. Seems war thunder was more important them what he’s supposed to be trouble shooting which is star conflict.


what exactly is the problem with the launcher?

pressed play after downloading and them nothing else happens. open task manager look in process the game.exe 32 is running but nothing else happens. new launcher downloading today got error downloading summited error report. downloading game again.

Can you post your system specs?

3.1g duel core cpu 2gb ram geforce 210 video card 1024 mb ddr3.

Task manager 1 shows the usage of star conflict game.exe running which is running in task manager 2 screens. not much of performance hit game exe still running as i post this and nothing is happening.



I will check the possible solutions, but first I need to finish some things.

Have you tried some time? There was a similar issue on the loading screen where it helped to wait 5 minutes and the next time the game started without problems.

waited over 1 hour as can see system prosecces not even taking a hit on running the launcher afte r pressing play and that was the latest dowload and reinstall from yesterday.

Finally I found some usefull information.

It hase something to do with the Evga Process you are running.

Could you exit it and than try to start the game?

Well that got game started, don’t know why core clocker and on screen display frame rate target and screen capture would cause game to not load ? you was way more help full them support guy assigned who gave me war thunder trouble shooting and screen shot to adjust video setting to get star conflict running.

It has something to do with a dll file which is using the same dump in both programms.

At the moment there are many new players in War Thunder so it could be that there was some confusion.