guys’m from Brazil and the game recently and have questions, 1) how or when I can get bots in this game, and how do they work? 2) interceptors because the ships are so sensitive that? ill go into the battle and am already annihilated by the enemies, 3) pq lag when I start to shoot?

il try to answer from my own knowledge but your questions are hard to understand

1)pretty straight forward here, the match maker puts you in a fight 8v8 or 16 vs 16.

the bots are applied when theres not enough people, theyr controled by the game AI.

2)i didnt realy understand that one… im assuming youre asking why are interceptors so easy to kill?..

theyr not, yes they have low HP but the speed and manuverability are pretty amazing which gives them a REALY good fighting chance.

3)i didnt understand that one at all =

if youre asking about lag or lag when you start shooting it can be either of the following:

A) Brazil is quite far from russia so its only understandable that you will have lag.

B ) as far as iv seen theres no real indication of lag outside of the hangar beside shooting, the game works on projectile hits

if the client has to send information to the server about your position and shots then the time it takes for you to see it will be long.

i hope i helped… as far as i can tell i covered it all @_@…