[F]Critical chance change after implant?

I switched implants for R6 from Jericho to Feds for the critical boost on my covert ops.  When I check the critical chance, it didn’t jump to 78%.  With the Jericho implant, I see the speed difference, but with the Fed implant, I don’t.  It’s not even a 1% change  Is the critical chance not being applied?  I’d rather have speed than crits at 5%, but at 52% critical, I think boosting to 78% would help more.  Is it a bug in what’s being applied or what’s being displayed?

How did yo come up with the 78% number?

Its 50% to the damage, not to the chance.

My mistake, I missed that part.  The 78% would have been because RFR is 7%, Ricasso adds 30%, Shaped Charged Shells adds 10%, and Infratred Scanner adds 5%.  All together it’s 52% chance.  I have to get those 1k+ hits in an interceptor somehow.