[F]changing controls in game and new free camera controls

alright now i know there is an outside of the game control manager but when are we going to get an in game one?

also back a few patches ago i took a little break from the game and when i came back we had changed to a different control method.

back then i could hit control to switch between a traditional carrot stick control method and the current free cam, now i just have the free cam and ctrl just frees up the camera. was this a small change and i didnt notice it or something larger?

There was a big patch and the camera view was limited for some extra testing.

The force “Pursuit” view has given me better control of the ship- I don’t have any problems now over compensating the ship’s movement/trajectory when evading.

However, it comes at a huge cost.

I used to use the “Free-Combined” view which gave me more control when evading and attacking.

Since this latest forced camera view of “Pursuit”, my combat efficiency has dropped.


There are 2 camera Modes now.

Yes, I see General or Expert.


Additionally, would be great, if zoom could be adjusted to be able to view from a greater distance.

The ships are very pretty, but a greater zoom out would be more helpful for tactical/combat purposes.

Thanks for moving that topic to Suggestions.


I still have serious issues using heavy lasers. You can’t aim anywhere where you aren’t facing or the lasers dance all over the place like you have drunk gunners…

Well really it’s not the gunner’s fault, it’s that dam incompetent helmsman. I want the guns to rotate to fire to starboard, not the whole ship.

Right now if you aim more than 35 degrees in any direct with HL the gun turrets focus on the point you are aiming at much faster than the ship can turn to face that direction. This is because you have the high rotation speed of the ship stacked onto the slow rotation speed of the turrets. Once the turrets get to the point you are aiming at they have to stop rotating and then have to rotate slowly in the opposite direction against the dam ship quickly rotating in place, causing the turrets (which can’t keep up) to dramatically overshoot the target point.

At full turn it takes roughly 5 seconds for my ship to make a 360 degree turn.

It takes 13-15 seconds for the gun turrets to make a full 360 degree sweep. By itself that’s fine, the hate rays of death shouldn’t be instant everywhere coverage so the slow turret rotation gives it good balance.

However, I’d rather not have my ship turn at all than have to deal with all this crazy over-compensation, the turrets turning slowly is enough as it is. That or I would rather have the ability to turn the ship and toggle lock the turret rotation. Either way both of them trying to face where I’m aiming at the same time is completely nuts.

well, in expert mode you cant use turrets, so i lile expert while chasing someone, but using and empire ships, im totaly lost while duel, especialy when someone is using general view.

and im w8ing for ingame controls.