[F]Can't login says version outdated,

I’m not sure if I have beta or in the correct sections or not

Anyhow, during login is says needs to update to version 5.4

Where does this occur ? Do I download again and install. Or uninstall the old version firsts ? Is there an update link someplace that I can’t find ?

Please advise


You have to start the launcher (launcher.exe) from Star Conflict. It will check your game files and update them automatically.

In the left upper corner of the launcher you should see a game version, could you please tell me which one you have.

HI version

But I think I may have solved this

On first install I never got any desktop icon nor startup launchers so I was going into the Star Conflict folder and clicking on the file called game.

I believe I may have to click the launcher file to get updates etc.

I’ll post back once this slow download completes which I believe is updating now, but I could be wrong.

Hopefully it won’t take a half day to download the updates or whatever it’s doing. Download speed appears to be 56k-90k super slow for my fios internet speeds.

Anyhow I’ll post back on what happened once it’s done

Thanks for the replies

If this wont help please try this:

Goto C:\Program Files (x86)\Star Conflict (beta)\doc and delete the changelog file.

This helped another user.