[F]Can't launch client on OS X from Steam

Today I haven’t been able to launch the client on OS X from Steam. I started steam and noticed that Star Conflict downloaded a 6.6mb update. It launched successfully the first 2 times, but in-game I got the “dunk” error sound every time I pressed a key (meaning that action isn’t allowed in OS X). Annoyed by this, I tried re-launching the game several times, and on the 3rd try it just refused to launch. The icon pops up in the dock, but when I right click it I see “Application not responding”.


I tried deleting the user data in Application Support/StarConflict, which didn’t seem to help, and also tried restarting both steam and my computer. I also tried re-installing star conflict.


Character Name: phosphoer

What did I expect to see: The client launching

What Happened: The client didn’t launch (plus the weird error sound on every keypress the first time it launched)

Last action: Restarting the game several times trying to get rid fo the keypress sound

Reproduceable: Not sure, I just whatever update steam downloaded and that seemed to mess things up.

Launcher log: I can’t seem to find it. I checked in the steamapps/common/star conflict folder and also the ApplicationSupport/StarConflict/ folder.

System Specs: Macbook Pro 2.4 GHz Intel Core i7 8GB, Intel HD Graphics 3000 512mb, running OS X 10.8.2


EDIT:  I got it to launch by reinstalling again and making sure that all files were deleted, but I’m still getting the keyboard error sound on every keypress. Any ideas on that?


[game.txt](< base_url >/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5641)

Same here :confused: No idea how to fix it.

Are you referring to the not able to launch or keyboard bleep?

I am having the same issue with the keyboard bleep, the game doesn’t seem to respond to anything I do other than bleep at me :confused:

Made a post about it before seeing this here 


For now the only workaround is to mute your alert volume (http://forum.gaijinent.com/index.php?/topic/18207-osx-client-beeping-at-every-keyboard-entry/)