[F]Can't download client due to p2p restrictions on my side


I have run into an unfortunate problem, which is entirely on my side, and pretty much can’t be fixed short of giving me a direct download link for the client. The place where i live gets its internet from a university network, and unfortunately, this network just loves blocking p2p and pretty much anything that triggers a lot of hits in a short window of time on a few ports. I don’t know if its possible to get a direct download somehow, or circumvent the p2p in the launcher (i couldn’t find an options menu there). Anybody know of any possible solutions? I’d greatly appreciate it!


EDIT: woops, i just now realized the game is on steam as well. Goody, now i can grab it. Sorry for cluttering up your forums, please feel free to delete this post!


So long,


Enjoy the game :slight_smile: