[F]Bug with Contacts

I don’t see in the fourm any section for in game bugs not related with the client, sound or text, so I’ll put it here and move it wherever you want.


I have a Jericho contact who wants me to kill 100 players in PvP. I killed 94 and after that, it stopped, no matter how many players I kill I can’t finish the mission.

Make sure you are using jericho ships. 


Also its part of the tutorial quest, not a contract.

Did this stop after 0.9 was released? If it was then perhaps its due to the faction points change.

Hey CbA, yes, my fault was that I wasn’t using jericho ships, anyway I said contacts not contracts, contacts are those scary guys/ pretty girls giving you little rewards for equiping things on your ships xP

Well, slight mistake on both our parts then :slight_smile: issue resolved then it looks like.