[F]Bug: Not received reputation

Hey Guys…

Seems like the reputation system is a bit bugged. A few minutes ago I won a battle for what I got something around 323 reputation (according to the after battle screen). But as I checked my reputation at the contracts menu in the hangar, it still shows 6983 reputation. The same amount I had before the battle! A bit frustrating. ;/

Is this Bug known or did I just something wrong?

I will check the russian forum. Perhaps it is just a Server delay. If someone else experiences this bug please post here.

I checked the reputation now, after a few hours, again. Nothing changed.

I think this bug (?) is difficult to notice if you don’t keep wittingly an eye on it.

If this happens again please send me a message so we can get the logs and perhaps they will tell us something more.

Roger. :wink:


How do I get the logs? Is this a serverside thing or can I find them between the client files on my machine?

They are located on your machine. Somewhere in the manula ( which is located in the gamefolder) you should get more details about that.

Yep. Found it. Path:

(name of you system disc):\Users(your user)\Documents\MyGames\StarConflict\

Just to inform anyone who has the same problem.