[F]Bug: Cruise missile.

Shooting cruise missile from assault ship (fox) without target lock can cause the missile to detonate on launch and killing you.

It does not happen 100% of time, but the missile appears to spawn in place where it can clip your ship.

Correction, this seams to be the effect when you launch missile at ship that has drones, the drones shoot the missile instantly if you are too close.

Still, needs fixing. All proper missiles with high yield have a fail safes to safeguard the ship it is launched from.

There is also an anti missle module which causes this effect.

Dunno but had the same. My ship explodad without beeing shot or any anty missile system in range. Also no assist granted to any other player. But i had a lock on target 5k away. Strange…

Seems like it is a clipping problem at the missile spawn.

Shooting cruise missile is like a game of lotto now, you never know if it will detonates on your face.

Has this problem been even acknowledged yet?

Firing a big missile is like playing Russian roulette now, you never know if that missile assplods on your face.

I will check the russian forum for this bug the next days. I did not see this bug in game yet.

There is lot of weirdness going on with cruise missile.

Ive experienced lots of ways to get yourself killed while launching one: Self clipping, hitting some small speck of dust, being shot down right after launch and many other wonderful moments that makes me do the table flip (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

Many of it can be fixed with activation delay on the warhead. Some 1.5 second delay on the warhead will fix any issues the missile might cause to the launcher.

I only experienced death by shooting a target next to me, but when there are some more issues I think they will be fixed soon.