[F]Beacon capture not counting

Sometimes i am right next to a beacon (alone or not, doesn´t matter) and it doesn´t count as capture for me. Once in a while i get there, have the blue “capture-beam” and all of the sudden it disappears with no reason.

I cannot reproduce this, since i have no idea why this happens.


(posted this in rankings since, well, it´s the forums that gets the closest, since it affects rankings)

Beacon capture distance ist set to 700m radius around a beacon. Also there is a short time out of maybe 10 seconds, if you get hit or out of range, you will not be awarded for your effort.


Might have a look on it with this infos and report it back.

We have clarified it. He did not know that you can not capture a beacon when hit :wink:

Thx for updating, would have forgotten this post…


Yes indeed, i didn´t know that beeing shot at stops you from capping…

Rank 10 and still learning :stuck_out_tongue: