[F]Autonomous Repair Station in Wall bug

So I just started playing after the v0.8.4 patch and during my second game I noticed an Autonomous Repair Station that had been deployed inside a space stations bounderies, making it impossible to hit.


Since I assume there was no intent of this being possible, it can only be a bug. If not so, I think its unfair to have Repair Stations being invulnerable because they’re being deployed in strucutres…


PS: sorry, I didn’t take any screenshot at the time but if I encounter this bug again I’ll sure do. BTW it happenend on the abandoned outpost map, in the structure next to the C beacon.

Saw this today too. A station Placed within a Beacon, structure or whatever…


Will foreward this.

Thanks for the fast reply!

Just wanted to quickly add that it also work “inside” the static barrier of Engineers. I guess those have a hitbox which is bigger than the Autonomous Repair Station and as such, if you place the station well enough, it will be inside the barrier and you won’t be able to hit it from either side (a dude from SYN, namely FinistDeloro used this extensively). I tried being thorough, shooting the thingie from all sides but I couldn’t hit it at all whilst it remained inside the barrier. Some people are starting to notice and I’ve seen a few Engineers already using this to their (unfair) advantage.

Fixed with 0.9


However, a litte poor fix. You cannot place them in objects, yet the Energy is still drained for placement.