[F]Asking space-gold for storage space.

In a game with free loot and sensitive people, is it really good idea to ask space-gold for essential part of the game?

The one feature that can make people addicted to this game, aka loot lotto, will be severely compromised if you make the space past 150 items to be gold only. We will be already paying to extra space, premmy account, premmy ships in between the reputation levels and premmy modules to cut the repair cost.

Having to manage the loot hangar after every game by a players that dont have so much money available just so they wont start missing out loot will send them the wrong kind of “pay to win” message. Especially when the warehouse UI is so very very bad. For many, like me, it is easier just to shell some 1000 gold on it every now and then and forget about it, but people with limited budged and/or principles not to pay for essential services in “free to play” title will vote with their feet.

Just a friendly heads up.