[F]Antimatter, Explosive T2 shells Seem Reversed

The explosive t2 shells get a damage increase and the antimatter t2 shells get thermal damage and a nerf.  Shouldn’t this be the other way around?  When things explode, lots of fire and smoke and heat and thermal.  Antimatter is just plain nasty stuff and should get the damage increase.  It just seems backwards as it is now.  But I could be wrong, that’s why this is a suggestion  :00222:

It is intended. Damage Changers got a tune down. They where able to break the defense of Ships with ease. Like Plasma did. It hit the Weak Spot of booth Shield and Hull.


Now you have to consider to use the usual Damage kind of your Weapon and risk to run against a very tanky Ship, or change it to hit the Weak Spot with a reduced Damage output.

Either way it still seems effective, swapping to EM with damage nerf on lasers still lands me 1k per cycle. Same goes for plasma, will the same be done to other modules that have a negative effect which would be reduced depending on higher mark level?