[F]Alt + z / Alt + w

This is a very annoying bug.


Alt + z (or alt + w depending on the keyboard, see details below) removes all hud information. It is the same as War thunder, i think the goal is to make nice screenshots and i use it this way.





On an azerty keyboard, the z key is the forward key. And alt is used to go down. So when you try to go forward and down, your hud disappears. The consequence is that azerty users can’t go down while going forward. It is a huge handicap.




Details :


For clarity, i will call “Forward key” the key i use to go forward (‘w’ in qwerty, ‘z’ in azerty).


  • Without any binding options, the only solution was to switch to qwerty with the windows toggle. This caused the combination of forward key and alt to remove gui.

  • With the binding tool, the same thing occured, wich was a bit strange to me but i figured that it was because this temporary solution was buged

  • With the internal key binding menu, it’s the same.

  • i tried to overcome this problem by rebinding my windows key with windows remap.exe. I switched ‘alt’ and ‘altgr’. Then what happened was very strange. I used the key bind menu to use ‘altgr’ for going down, but that showed me ‘ctrl’ instead. When i try it ingame, the same thing occured again.


I gotta say i’m a bit confused.


This may not be easy, but please please please, devs, do something. It’s impossible to drive fast near asteroids on an azerty keyboard

I’m using a QWERTY keyboard and I encountered the same problem while trying to switch to the missle slot one [z] while straffing around an enemy using the [alt] key. This has caused me to die in game serveral times.


Please do something fast. It shouldn’t be that hard to correct. Just remove the ability to hide HUD until it’s corrected.

Issue solved.

That’s the best news of today’s patch. And there are some great new features today though.

Nice to see devs listen to the community. Keep the good job.