[F]Also a bug,about reputation


As the image 1,My legion reputation is rank 10




it shows that my legion reputation is rank 9!and!!I can’t buy rank 10 ships!

I want you solve the serious bug as soon as possible.Thanks

Dont think its a bug. Maybe the point contribution is buggy thats all cause its very confusing.


Your Empire rank is 9 , not Legion, thats a difference. That means you can only buy rank 9 ships. Your Legion rank is 10. You can buy weapons like that nice heavy lasers mk3 etc.

Now you ask why are they different? You are doing contracts rite?

This happen with me too.

I think is not a problem but is confused.

The two screens show differents reputation points.



Having the same here. The reason behind this are the contracts!!! They didnt count as your Race reputation. They only count as Faction Rep. Im having a total diffrence of 23.5k rep for Warden vs Empire. It increases each time i fullfill a contract. Tested it yesterday. Only Rep for Battle counts as Faction and Race!

Hello, this is not a bug.

As already mentioned you can see that there is a rank for Empire and for Legion.

The Empire rank unlocks new ships, while the Legion rank unlocks new equipment.