[F]Afterburners bugged

Posting it here, though it’s not just graphical, but also effects gameplay.


When firing up the Afterburners on any ship I see no additional engines glowing, there is no afterburner sound, spedometer is not glowing, there is no view distortion, energy bar jumps up and down rapidly as if afterburners turn on and of all the time, draining power quicker than it should and speedometer bar never fills up to maximum  never reaching top speed.


Afterburners worked just fine but today (without any apparent reason) they just stopped working properly.

Relogging, buying different ships and repairing the game files didn’t solve it, so im not sure what is causing them to malfunction.

Go to your settings and have a loock on “Afterburner re-activation”. Go uncheck this setting and your afterburners should work again. One of my Clanmates had similar issues with this setting.

What does After burner Reactivation even do?

that did it, thanks!