Extra dread battle time poll

The purpose of this post is to see if there is support to have a extra time for Dreadnought battles between the time Jericho battles end and Fed battles start. Because of different time zones and Daylight savings time coming back soon I am going to be referring to the battle times as hours before or after current dread battles. This will give us fixed points in time to reference. Currently there are 8 hours between Jericho and Federation Battles. at some point in this time perhaps we could have a early Evening US time and a late night European time

there are currently 4 unused sectors that could be used for this purpose,   all the developers would have to do is put boxes around them and give them times. This change would not effect any currently occupied zones

7 if you count the ones in Solaris.

Thanks everyone who has voted,

  Please vote and comment if you have any additional ideas that will help the cause

Look at the rus fed timezone. that could be a new timezone for us like it used to be. 

I would really prefer a new battle time half way between the two Fed sectors which are currently 2pm and 11pm my time.

That time in Corsa Triama and Velorum should really be a time like 10:00 UTC±0.

I agree. They need to put the Fed timezone back to U.S. time. Three hours before the late night battle.

truthfully they don,t need to move any game times or upset any player group, just use the unused sectors draw a box around them and be assign a time and be done with it. should t5 dreads ever come out they can be the middle sectors. all we are asking for is the opportunity to have a Dread battle a little earlier.

A smaller amount of sectors will make them more contested 

if they wanted to make it real fun the t4/ r 10 thru 12 sector pays both iridium and gold. but its the only one the rank 7/9 pays iridium 4 sectors total

I can’t really vote on this because the option of returning the RU sectors in fed space to US battle times isn’t available

I can’t really vote on this because the option of returning the RU sectors in fed space to US battle times isn’t available

I’d also love for this to happen. But a split of Jerry sectors would be a good equivalent.

There’s activity then. Only really makes sense

Just give us all of fed space like it was in the beginning. 

I don’t care how they do it and I should have put return fed space as an option, I just want a earlier game. Without a large player base supporting the idea, its not gonna happen so please, VOTE and comment

My Vote is there.

Vikings will be there.