Extending the public API (Poll)

API. What is it? It’s a script on a server (in our case it’s a script on a Star Conflict server) which provides you an access to some information from database.

Public API in SC (Star Conflict) which allows to get historical info from SC DataBase about player’s statistic is poor. Now it can show you only PvP statistics , but doesn’t show anything about progress in PvE (atk/def ratings, progress in missions), and you won’t know anything about Conquest Mode stats of player.


It’s very interesting to know, is it important for community of StarConflict to know such info?

Maybe some details which can’t be shown by API now, will help you find 1 more man for your PvE farm party or your in-game Clan in the future?

Examples how API can be extended:

PvP. API can show statistics of different ship usage (how much times player used it in battles) - it will let you know, which ship player perefer.

PvE. API can show statistics of new important PvE mechanics: Attack rate and Defence rate and show maximal lvl player reached - it will let you know, who can help you with credit farm of who can help you with making iridium quest.
Conquest Mode. API can show statistics how much times player won or lose battles in this game mode.
You will see all this cases in the Poll.

For example: http://schistory.space let you see history of the set of players (by filters) or check someone’s stats in PvP.

Please, choose the points you’re interested in the poll.