Explosion dmg and ship type

Figured i’ll share this piece of info with you guys, i got it from russian devs Q&A:


Следует ли ЕМ торпеда модификатору повреждений как и торпеда Иерихона? (пониженный урон против перехватов и повышенный против фригатов)

Масштабирование урона от размера корабля работает для любых взрывов


Q. xKostyan: Does EM torpedo follow dmg multiplayer for ship size such as Jerichos guided torp? (Example: lower dmg vs interceptors and increased dmg vs frigates)
A. Skula1975 ship size dmg multiplier works for every instance of explosion type of dmg.

I believe i saw an answer within that Q&A that Armadillo works vs Coil Mortair as well
And here is another piece i thought could be useful:


Параметр “ускорение” влияет только на маршевые двигатели? А по какому принципу работают маневровые? Там какое-то фиксированное ускорение или как? На него можно повлиять?

Для маршевых двигателей и двигателей ориентации, разумеется, существует собственное ускорение.
Ускорение двигателей ориентации настолько велико, что период разгона весьма мал, и иметь модуль увеличивающий ускорение нет особого смысла.


Q. Vivicector: Does parameter “acceleration” affect all types of engines (maneuverability and main forward engine) or only main forward engines? How do maneuverability engines work? Do they have fixed acceleration value or what? Can you affect it?


A. Skula1975: Main forward engine and maneuverability engines have separate acceleration values. The value for maneuverability engine is so high that having a module affecting it would be pointless. 


 Down the thread there is a question about Shield module that reduces acceleration parameter and engines increasing acceleration, these 2 affect only Forward main engine acceleration, basically a Guard with 3x shield module will have exactly the same strafe acceleration as the one with out them.

 I personally did not test this, so if you find it that it is actually affected - write up a bug with your results.

good info

Well if maneuvering thrusters can accelerate that fast then I’m going to boost my maneuver max speed and go everywhere crab-style. Think of the possibilities.

I just tested with three Mk.III shield projection splitters, for a total of “117%” reduction.  Strafing was the same.  The last time when I was equipping the guard it seemed slower on strafing as well, but maybe it was just heat of the battle multidirectional movement.

I’ve seen max strafing speed in action. Really scary stuff!

My way to go when i hit T4, mwuahahahah!