Exploration Sale DLC!



Attention to all pilots! The UMC announces the start of a grand Exploration sale in Star Conflict in honor of the 50th anniversary of the first landing on the satellite of the legendary Earth — the Moon!


Until July 22, you can purchase the following DLC with a discount of 50%! Unique bonuses and ships are waiting for you today, hurry!

  • Star Conflict: Journey - Object NY18
  • Star Conflict: Evolution Destroyer. Starter pack
  • Star Conflict: Pilgrim
  • Star Conflict: Invincible pack
  • Star Conflict: Procyon pack
  • Star Conflict: Archon pack
  • Star Conflict: Sirius pack
  • Star Conflict: Vigilant pack
  • Star Conflict: Tyrant pack

You can purchase the DLC on our website!


Yours truly,
Star Conflict Team