'Experimental' Premium ships need a better backstory... let's make some!

Going through the premium ships, it seems quite a lot of them are lacking any kind of backstory - they’re just ‘experimental’ with nothing more to say.


So… I thought it might be fun to pick our brains and see if we can come up with some fun potential descriptions for these ships!


Here’s a few I wound up playing with…



This ship was intended to modernise the Raptor-M for the Federation fleets. However, delays in development meant that it was obsolete by the time it cleared the prototype phase. Few have ever been produced.


Alligator Mk III:

Having lost the contracts to produce warships for the Armada, Dry Lab hoped to win them back with the Alligator Mk III. Although popular with the pilots who flew them, the production costs soon forced the ship out of service.


Designed by Marshall Aerospace, this ship was the first to mount and test the “Ghost” module; predecessor to the current “Chameleon” cloak. Due to the high cost of production, Marshall Aerospace went into bankruptcy and was acquired by Sloan Industries who proceeded to develop the current version of the “Chameleon” cloaking module for their less-expensive version of the Tiger, the Lynx-M.



The Mouse is a top-of-the-line Tackler prototype from the Central Engineering Co-op. Borrowing heavily from the Tiger II, the engineers at the CEC sought to improve the reliability of the original. Using the highest-grade regenerative armor plating on the market, and swapping out the original logistics package, the CEC effectively reduced maintenance costs for the Mouse to almost nothing. Unfortunately, the steep cost of production has resulted in only the most elite and wealthy pilots owning one of these rare fighters.