Experimental hull repair - most unbalanced module in the game

Experimental modules are meant to be slightly better than Mk3, to reward players who play more games and get lucky with loot.

Generally this is true, especially for weapons, they just have a few % more damage.

However, for hull repairs, this is completely untrue.

They are not a few % better.

They are almost DOUBLE as good as Mk3.




Looking at the numbers:


Mk1: 1660 repair / 288s = 5.76 HP per second average repair

Mk3: 1946 repair / 108s = 18.02 HP per second average repair

Exp: 2022 repair / 60s = 33.70 HP per second average repair.


Is this a few % better?

No, no it isn’t.


By comparison:

Mk1 shield gives 1467 repair / 40s = 36.68 average repair per second.

Mk3 shield gives 1719 repair / 30s = 57.30 average repair per second.


This and this alone, the LONG cooldowns on hull repair, is the reason that hull tanking is not as viable as shield tanking, for any ships, including empire. Unless you get an experimental hull repair, you will always be able to restore far more shields over time, compared to hull, and even the experimental.

I’m not even going to mention that phase shield on all guard frigs only affects shield. (oh wait, I just did).


This needs to be addressed before the game hits full release. Both hull and armor should be at least similar in viability - but instead, mk1 shield heals more than experimental hull. Total joke.


I will mention that hull can stack resists easier, meaning you take less damage and your healing is more effective; however this is not enough to make up for the huge disparity in healing values (5.76 against 36.68 at Mk1, that’s over 6x more). Shield also has passive regen, where for hull to regen you have to use a passive slot, and the module for that is broken (only works when you’re above ~90% capacitor, who knows why).


Oh and for engineer frigates, well I have a Mk3 hull nanocloud, this heals 236/second. My military (mk2.5) shield generator heals 402/second. So it’s the same thing there again, shield heals way more. Hull tanking is just not viable at all.



i agree, for some reason, the devs perfer shield over hull when it comes to healing even though hull dosent really have an advantage

IDK, im running a really decent hull tank, but im not going to deny that shield tanks are far more superior. 

Shields are a much larger target than hulls.  


And the meta game favours EM damage.  

Thats why shield healing has larger numbers and lower recharges.  

well, most people i see have uniform resists because there’s enough passive slots to plug any gaps, so EM alone doesn’t really justify it. that’s more down to plasma having more dps than other weapon types i guess - but with the option to swap damage types, you can’t say 1 is more prevalent than the other. especially since most AOE and special abilities all deal thermal damage, which affects both shield and hull equally by default; for *that* discussion check this thread:

[http://forum.star-conflict.com/index.php?/topic/19075-complete-lack-of-balance-between-types/](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19075-complete-lack-of-balance-between-types/)


i hadn’t considered the fact that the hitbox is a different size for shield and armor, that’s an interesting point. however do you think it justifies Mk1 armor repair healing 7x less than Mk1 shield repair? or experimental armor being so vastly superior to all other forms, meaning whoever gets a lucky drop has a huge advantage? that’s the real problem here.

It’s so rare that fights break down into a “Just one more shot…” situation. Which is about all that mods gonna provide. What am I supposed to put it on and want it on any of my ships for? It’s horribly imbalanced, I guess, but that’s because it’s a HORRIBLE MOD. The classes with reasons to provide self heals all get insanely better self heals than this restorative mod bullcrap.


What would you do with the Frigate version of this? Take off your warp gate on your engie [lolololol] just to regen a tiny chunk of hull when the warp gate can pull you away from the damage ? How about that fighter version, let’s slap it on a tackler when he already has one of the best abilities for pulling out of a xxxx situation to approach an allied engineer for healing. Oh I know, maybe a gunship, because they certainly wouldn’t get better gains out outright bursting a target down or evading.


Gimme one example beyond lone wolfing, I wanna pick it apart and point out the better mod for the job/slot.


These self heals are horrible.

Like completely honest, when I see that my allies have the t1 double self heal + flares setup on their ships I just wanna cry, what wasted potential. Hopefully they made good diversions.


You missed the point of this topic. Its not about what modules are better for each ship. Its about the huge difference in effectivness betwen two very similar modules, and 700% improvement from MK1 to experimental in this specific scenario.

Yesterday one of my corpmates actually got one of these for tier 2 fighters and announced in ts, guess how enthused he was.


I already admitted it is indeed horribly imbalanced though, I mean sweet jesus look at that energy cost as well :/.


You missed the point of this topic. Its not about what modules are better for each ship. Its about the huge difference in effectivness betwen two very similar modules, and 700% improvement from MK1 to experimental in this specific scenario.

The problem is that this module is largely useless regardless of this on T3+, due to too high cooldown in comparison to other resto/surv modules. You need a resto/surv module on low cooldown (35-45 seconds) for movement/energy drain immunity.