Experience for defence

I’ve noticed you get some XP for being aggressive and capturing nodes, but you don’t get any XP for defending a node from attack/when it’s being captured. I think there should be a similar reward for staying behind and destroying enemies near nodes/capturing nodes along with the usual attacking and capturing nodes.

The amount of XP given killing a player who is capturing a beacon is doubled. 350XP for a kill is quite nice compared to 175XP. But healing or holding a beacon to 100 should also give a little bit xp too.

well… maybe im agree… but im afraid this could be exploited for exp grind…

I agree with Courina

I also agree with that. We already discussed this problem in another thread.

Ah, didn’t realise the XP was doubled and couldn’t find the thread of this discussion earlier. Happy for this thread to be closed and archived.

/answered and closed.