'Executor' ship incurs durability loss despite being a premium ship

  1. After dieing in battle the ship loses durability despite being a premium ship.

  2. I expected the ship to not lose durability as stated on the ship card where it says “doesn’t break”.

  3. Typical PvP battle, I died once and after returning to hangar I was prompted to repair the ship after ammo auto-refill occurred.

  4. Effectively as above. After dieing in PvP (once during the battle) the ship incurred durability loss despite having doesn’t break on the premium ship card.

  5. Whenever a death occurs.

  6. Logs attached, although they may not be required.

TzAM4Cx.jpg rU1cOiN.jpg

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Not cool

There is no QA, that’s for sure.

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