Ever tried...?

Have you ever tried playing SC while switching hands? I mean using my left hand for the mouse and the right for the keyboard? I’m left handed so I’m trying to increase my aiming performance by using my left hand instead of right. So far I’m doing horribly. I’m practicing with easy bots in custom matches with t1 ships. Meanwhile my right hand is cramping up.

I need to keep practicing.

in left handed aswell but my right hand is made for my mouse, when trying to switch it just goes to hell XD 

If you’re using your right hand for movement, you should probably adjust the controls to okl; instead of wasd, and such other things. You could keep it wasd, but that’s just asking for hand cramps.

I used ijkl. So moving the keybinds over 1 to the right would ease the cramps? Also does right shift do afterburning as well?

Also i can use the number Pad as well.

Also i can use the number Pad as well.


Pretend I didn’t fail to respond for a month.


Yeah, shifting it over should help with cramps. Leaves shift closer to the pinky and alt closer to the thumb, for AB and altitude adjustments.


How’d that go for you, at any rate?

Never tried it, but am gonna enter a session later today to give it a shot :smiley: Could be interesting :smiley:



Meanwhile in Korea… :007: