Event "Survivor"

A month ago, a strange signal has been received from sector 1881. Soon, the scientists that were surveying distant corners of space found something that, for the first time, they didn’t even understand at all, but when they realized what it was, they were truly terrified. It was no other signal than one of the Precursors, and it was not that weak and intermittent as before. The signal was surprisingly strong and clear. The first recon expedition was formed as soon as possible, and it was immediately send for investigation.

A dreadnought with scientists on-board went to the sector and soon, disappeared without sending any signal. Then, after a long debate, it was decided to send the most advanced ship among the different factions, with a team that included representatives of all three factions.

The Armada carrier “Freespace”, the star of the Federation fleet, with a strong hull , absorbing any rays and multiple-duplicated computer systems, able to resist anomaly bursts. It was a perfect candidate for that task.

The most skilled pilots from all sides of the conflict boarded that ship. A few days after hyper jump, the carrier had to report about their arrival to the sector, but it hadn’t, and then a day later, the Precursors signal faded. UFO decided to seal all hyper gates to the sector and forbid further flights.


However, just a day ago, the borderland station from sector 1883 that is close to the mysterious sector 1881 reported about the arrival of a strange pilot, who claims himself as a member of the second expedition to sector 1881 and that he knows what happened there. He arrived on a terribly wrecked ship, that had fallen apart right in the hangar after landing. At the moment, the pilot was located in hospital, the doctors said, that he was exhausted, didn’t even sleep and eat for several days, but he was in the process of recovering.


Before getting unconscious the pilot told weird things:

“Right after we got out of the warp jump we were attacked. Strange objects pierced through the strongest armor with violet rays as through paper. I barely had time to enter my interceptor and escape out of the hangar, but my friends on slower fighters and frigates were not so lucky, their ships lacked speed. We were ready to die, but suddenly small ships that looked more like beacon drones disappeared, leaving a bunch of survived pilots alone in space. But that was only the beginning.

After that, a terrible fate had been waited for us. One of the ships was infected by a strange virus, that took control over all computer systems in less then a second. We quickly found out, that the virus penetrated through the weak modular systems and all of us destroyed all their combat modules. But the virus managed to penetrate in a different way. We didn’t even know who was infected, and started to suspect each other. One by one the virus took control over our former comrades, until it left only me and him.”


Experts are trying to recover video files from the black box, and soon, we will be able to see what really happened there.




Event "Survivor"


Mercenaries, in honor to celebrate the beginning of the summer, we are proud to present a new event that will require you not only to have a good ability to control your ship, but also the presence of a considerable amount of good luck, which is necessary for all of us to survive in the endless expanse of space. Your task - to remain the last undefeated hero who will find a way to escape from the terrible virus that is spreading all around! But remember, you cannot trust anyone. Good luck!


Registration for participation is carried out in a special form here. You need to enter your name and click “Регистрация.” The registration deadline is June 1st, 2013, 18:00 (UTC +4, Moscow).


Date and time of event : June 1st, 2013, 19:00 (UTC +4, Moscow).


Limitations : Participants are allowed to fly only ONE T3 Interceptors. All passive modifications are allowed. Active modules have to be removed from the ship, in order to avoid accidental disqualification, they are strictly forbidden. All weapons, class modules(F) and ship modules are allowed. In order to avoid the spread of the virus, it is only allowed to carry small missiles Unguided Missiles.


Game Mode and Rules : The event is held on maps with the game mode “Capture the Beacon”, but with one condition - beacons are infected. Accordingly, any contact with them denied! Your task is to destroy a huge amount of enemy ships.

Only 30 pilots will be allowed to enter the event and these pilots will be selected randomly from the list of registrations.

First round - 15 vs 15 battle, the winning team proceeds to the next round. The best pilot of the losing team of the first round will be saved and moved into the second round. In the second round the fight will a 8 vs 8, the losing team is eliminated. Then 4 vs 4, 2 vs 2, and the final 1 vs 1. In the final, the winner will be determined - the last hero! The third place will be awarded to the best player of the losing team in the semifinals.



1st place - 1000 galactic standards
2nd place - 500 galactic standards
3rd place - 200 galactic standards


The event is created with the active participation of Xobotyi , Kopets , Casidy and M_L.
In the future this event will be scheduled on a regular basis on each Saturday. All questions and discussions go [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19906-event-survivor-discussion/page-0).