Event "Survivor" 08/06/2013

Hello Pilots!

We are pleased to announce the secent “Survivor” event this week! All the information can be found below.

Date and time of the event: June 8th, 2013, 14:00 (UTC +4, Moscow).

Registration for the event will open 20 minutes before the start. Players who leave an application for the event, but do not appear when selected, will be suspended from the event for 2 weeks. So please, just leave an application with the confidence that you can take part in the event. Registration link will be available in this topic. Register here.

Restrictions: This time each player is allowed to take ONE T3 Attack Ship/Fighter to the battle. The only limitation in equipment is: No long range weapons!(Hail Plasma Cannon, Stabilized Railgun, Long Range Lasers)

Game Mode and Rules : The event is held on maps with the game mode “Capture the Beacon”, but with one condition - beacons are infected. Accordingly, any contact with them denied! Your task is to destroy a huge amount of enemy ships.
Only 60 pilots will be allowed to enter the event and these pilots will be selected randomly from the list of registrations.
First round - There will be two 15 vs 15 battles, the winning teams proceed to the next round. In the second round the fight will a 8 vs 8, the losing team is eliminated. Then 4 vs 4, 2 vs 2, and the final 1 vs 1. In the final, the winner will be determined - Survivor! The third place will be awarded to the best player of the losing team in the semifinals.

1st place - 1000 galactic standards
2nd place - 500 galactic standards
3rd place - 200 galactic standards

Good luck everyone! Discussions go [here](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/19992-event-survivor-discussion-08062013/page-0).