Event: "Greetings for the new year"

Fearless conqueror Of Space! Christmas and new year is on the run and we invite you to take part in the battles on open spaces of creativity! We announce a competition for new year greetings!

You can submit your work until January 11th. On January 15th we will post the results.

Event task:

Make the most original new year greetings in free form addressed to the Star Conflict players.

This can be:

* Video-greetings;

* poems;

* Christmas cards;

* Figures;

* fairy tales;

-Yeah whatever.

We offer a lot of options so and we don’t limit your imagination.

As part of this competition we have 2 criteria:

  1. Authorship: The event greetings need to be created by the author, plagiarism will be punished!

  2. Originality: The most unusual greetings will win

Surprise us, and we will reward you!

Submitting your work:

Sign the work submitted to the contest with your in game login name.

The forum allows you to publish the work of up to 32 MB.

If the size of your contest entry is greater than 32 MB, you can send it to this e-mail: event@star-conflict.ru

We recommend that you upload videos to YouTube and link your video in this forum topic.

Images with a size up to 32 MB can be put immediately into this forum topic. Maximum image resolution: 1280 * 1024.

Text works are limited to a small number of characters (no more than 3000 characters without spaces). The text needs to be put in this forum topic.

After the conclusion of the contest jury, we will choose the most original custom greetings and to award their authors with pleasant surprises.

Best greetings will be published on the website!

Please note that as part of the contest, congratulations must go to the players of Star Conflict!

Far over the steep Asterioid cold , in space so deep and darkness bold

Through ammo deep… and barrels old…

the guns were roaringgg… inNNnNN the fight

gun fire was red, it blazing spread…

some like torch’s, flamed with light

curious when the first jingel bells weapon remix will be posted^^

dashing through the asteroid field

in my 2 weapon open intercepter

over the Wreckage we go laughing all the way

bombs on frieghters explode making spirits bright

oh what fun to hunt and sing our battle song tonight

shoot them down ,shoot them down shoot them all down

oh what fun it is to hunt in my 2 gun open intercepter

oh and x-mas could be a little late this year ummm…


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Tis the Season to go duck hunting…

Thanks to all who participated.

We are ready to sum up the the results of the New Year’s greetings contest.


The winners are


Uhmari and BaronHarkonnen


each of them will get the prize of 2013 Golden Standarts.