Event "Best squad of the week"(Discussion)

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sounds good IIN will be there to report and maybe even Compete this time round we will see the last event was relay good now we have our own commentary team and live feed thanks to ELMastacho and the RealZeroCool

It’s great to see an event like this as they are an incredibly amount of fun.


I’d gladly have been there to live stream it to Twitch in 1080p to help promote the game.


However, the event is unfortunately at a time that we’ll never realistically be able to get a good squad together. 9am (UK) on a Saturday morning? Most people are either having a nice sleep-in to recover from their hard working week or they’re dealing with their children, wives or husbands.


Please bear in mind that a huge number of players live in Western Europe and that we’d quite enjoy participating as well. That’s not even considering the US playerbase yet…

Hey, the US is like HALF of NASA corp…

I will be interested in joining up. Squad based teams are frakking awesome. 

Note: each player in the team can have up to 3 ships.

but he doesnt need to fill all 3 slots.

To clarify the ship selection, that is 36 points across the 12 possible ships a team of 4 can bring to battle? Optimized for T3 with the potential for some T4s mixed in there. Intriguing.

The time of the event changed! 18:00 (UTC +4, Moscow)!

The time of the event changed! 18:00 (UTC +4, Moscow)!


Whats that in US eastern Time!!?!?

14:00 UK - around 9 AM US Eastern if I recall correctly. (5 hours difference for the closest US time zone to my knowledge)



Early birds in the USA could just about participate.


Definitely an improvement over the previous time, thank you.

Is anyone streaming this ? would enjoy to observe.

I would be streaming the event and commentating on the matches but Twitch.tv is down. If Twitch does come back up i will have a live stream going for the tournament.

http://ru.twitch.tv/casidy1991 - Stream

By the way please be in game I write you PM.

Supreme Champion:  Squad 145

Worthy Adversary:  Nova

Maybe Next Time:  Conectiv

4th place:  SeraX

5th place tie:  Squad 13
Nova - Two Team

Russian stream. Quality is bad, but you can figure what happened in our groups.


I would love to see the video from the stream where zerocool and mustacho were narrating, it would be awesome to see that one better.



English stream.

Caution, both language streams(en/ru) has dangerous HATE lvl^^.

Hope u’ll enjoy the show.

Excellent team work was used, I need to implement this MORE in the future. Current teamwork is okay, but we need to be BETTER! 

They need to do these squad contests the one week out of each month! 

They need to do these squad contests the one week out of each month! 

Sadly there was only a small number of participants in the event.