Event: Add your own corporate logo!



In this thread you can post your corporate logos and comments. Any flooding and offtopic posts will be deleted!

Conditions of admission:

  • One corporation — one logo.
  • The image can be published by the CEO or by an officer to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Besides logo itself, representative should post his or her corporation name. 
  • Logo format: png
  • Logo resolution: 32x32
  • Your image must be have an alpha channel (add transparency to the file if it isn’t square!)
    Special requirements :
  • It is forbidden to use images that wholly or partly contain copyrighted or registered trademark naterial;
  • The logo cannot contain provocative image.
  • It is forbidden to use nicknames that contain hints of racial, ethnic, sexual or national superiority ;
  • Logos may not use images containing obscene motifs;
  • It is forbidden to use images containing abusive, explicit or veiled profanity or abusive language or words and phrases in tune with them, in any language ;
  • It is forbidden to use images associated with sex or violence;
  • It is forbidden to use images that reference drugs and psychotropic substances or their use.
    Note: Upon purchase, the logo will be visible only to the corporation that has sent it , other corporations will not be able to select it!
    Event will continue until September, 17!
    [Dev Blog - explaining what these logos will be used for](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/21267-developer-blog-entry-from-september-10th-corporation-logos/)



The WolfPack [WPK]



Owl Initiative. [OWL]

Can it haz colors?





Base modified/inspired by image (its created from scratch in high res and resized after a 16px icon) license is linkage (which I can provide), but usable freely for commercial work, I guess that should be okay?

Bow down to our emblem!!!



Spaceinvaders [spIn]


The mighty Invader!



Barbarians [bRUTE]






The norse valknut.


The symbol for Wodan (Odin) and his elect.

The three triangles meaning; Warrior , Shaman and Walker of the 9 worlds. (or so i would like to think… not a lot of information about it out there)

And with this we conclude the event!

We would like to thank all of the participants and remind them, that after introduction of the system in our game they will be able to choose their own unique logo!