Event “A New Threat”. Time to attack!


Mercenaries! This is Special Assault Team leader. Call sign “Arrow”. Our fighters are waging bloody battles in sectors attacked by Aliens. From the very first days, we realized the magnitude of the threat, but we did not show the necessary resistance. Now our forces are running low, my fighters, those who are still alive, are tired of beating the green plague out of the sectors.


You have supported us everywhere, but there are many more Aliens. It seems that their army is as infinite as the desire to take over this world. I urge you to gather your strength for the last time! We have prepared a counter-offensive plan and are already partially implementing it. It’s time to get our world back! Sweep the dust from your best ships, put the best weapons on, install the most effective modules and fly away to fight the invaders! Only together can we win. Every man. Every shot. Every breath you take. Everything matters. 

Take part in events, follow the information on the global map of Open Space, support dreadnoughts attacking Alien bases!

Only you will protect this world. Nobody but you.