EVEN MORE broken builds with Thunda.

So,you want more broken builds?No?Well,Its not like i care about your opinions anyway,now that i got you triggered lets get started!
Today I got 4 new builds for you,and hopefully the next list will be the last one and it will have the destroyer shield regen! But until that time comes,let’s have a look at what I have prepared for you today!

1.Falcon-Crit: Like they dont have enough damage already,you can never instakill ships too fast!wait.

The best crit you can get is on the thermals,so I tried out the FaZe suppressor,it turned out pretty nice don’t you think?


2.Turnspeed-Rex: Thats what T stands for.And yes,I know it actually stands for Tyrannosaurus,calm down,GEEZ!



3.Firerate Mauler: That was pretty expected,but you can never spam too many shots!But if you are looking for some crit i got you covered 
on that one too!

Here we got multiple weapons to make sure you can decide which one is the most powerful from here!or just try them out by yourself,I don’t really care whatsoever.


Mass Driver:

Heavy Blaster: :

Dag’tnith Launcher:

Implants for firerates:

But if you are looking for some crit aswell then i can get you covered on that too!


Implants for crit:

4.The Fisherman:

-It was a brand new day at the station “New Eden”,I was preparing myself to go out in Open Space,aboard my trusty Piranha-B2,
I undocked and swooped throughout the sector leaving a thin blue trail behind me,I have reached an asteroid field,It was my
zone which I considered my den,a place safe from any danger,of course I didn’t put any claims to it so nobody knew about that,
but anyone who trespassed it would have found out.I reached my place,well hidden and having vision across the dense asteroid formation,after a while,I saw a yellow trail in the distance,It could be nothing but an Imperial ship,and It was getting close to my location!I must act fast,I charged my Gauss Cannon and I was prepared,I held my breath like I was the one holding the weapon,my finger was slightly pressing on the trigger,getting ready to react to anything,the ship kept getting close without knowing what was expecting him,after I got him in my range I was getting ready to aim towards him,I gently squeezed the trigger,a bright flash was followed by the echo of the Gauss’ fire that could be heard throughout the whole field,the projectiles were flying towards the ship at incredibly high speeds and from all of sudden,an explosion echoed throughout the whole station’s sector,the single thing that could be heard from the radio comm was the helpless scream of the pilot and after that,it was static,then,complete silence fell on the field,I was safe again,and another victim fell prey to my deadly accuracy,that Hercules didn’t stand a chance!



Well,I hope you found any of these builds interesting,stay tuned for the next and the last list where I will post ALL of the builds I have made so far,updated of course,together with some new ones aswell as the destroyer shield regen one.

                                                                                           _ -TF _

Hitting only slow ships with that positron :slight_smile:

Nice write up.