European Time Zone Dread Fighting



we were thinking about taking our Dread to the European battles-since we have some Europeans in Ultra, who cannot fight at American times…though we are not so much…perhaps some other Pilots want join the fight against the Russians, yes?  Show em da power of the West!


We are not very skilled in it…individually we are pretty good but since we cannot play Dreads due to time, we are inexperienced in Dread Coordination. So its ok whe u are not Pro either. If you are interested just PM. Also we are more fun that Pro, its ok to just show up here and there, no pressure man.







We Dread in the EU time zones as well, when we have the opportunities ( work, life you know the drill)

  Please keep up your activities in fed space and I would offer, we are hosting NO HARD FEELINGS games in Colonization Hub.

  While we are not giving it away ( we are defending it) A Iridium sector would help your dread development and help defer the costs of attacks.

     That being said should you capture a sector we will help you defend.

   See ya soon

   HalFfast CEO BEAST

Thats Nice. We have a location Now. Yay!