Error linking with Steam account



I have played SC 631hrs on Steam.


But I have not played SC for a least a couple of years. Tried installing today and it keeps failing to link with steam account, “Error linking with Steam account”

even when I go offline on steam and try to login via email and password, it works but it has cleared my account.

Any help would be grateful.


Thank you ![;)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/002.png “;)”)

Contact to support please

Where do I contact support? As it just takes me back to the page to post here again?


Sorry - found it, was a the top, thank you

Good morning^^ 

I have a big problem!

I dowload the game First Time and I can’t log in. When I want log in the game wrote the server is offline and my email or password is not correct. My internet is good and I have a gaijin account and the email and password is good too. I dont know what can I do? :( 


21 hours ago, Kerecsensolyom said:

I dont know what can I do?

Contact to support