So um i don’t know where to post this so i post it here.

Challenge players for rap battles and have fun!

The player who get most votes win.


You just want lyrics or are you expecting actual videos?

Lyrics of course.

Oh, yeah, you want to mess with JP? Well let me give you a second, so count to three. 

They call me by what I do, not how I roll. 

I take control of my ship, unlike that dumb troll. *points to a random person*

For commanding a star ship is not a easy thing, 

but bitching on forums for you is a thing to be seen. 


I traveled the world, thinking how to kill you in my ceptor’

Never did I realise how dumb you really are, loser. 

A simple plasma arc to the face is enough to shut you up, 

As all I do is fly with the skills, is that enough?

Back up Jphack, you got some attitude-

An its definitely the kind that can kill-the-mood

So get back- step down, let Dagget tell ya somethin

It’s about to get sick so hold on now son.


So what if you can fly and kill all-the-n0obs-

or dive real low and and psych the recon crews?

If no-ones havin’ fun, you’re in some lonely space-

You forget to chill out- its no god daym race.


My frigate has no worries when I prowl around,

I don’t attack to get back, why kick people around?

Sure not on top of the board, so what? Who cares-

I sure had more fun then someone picking-off n0obs! 


So lets have a little bit of dig-ni-ty

The sport is fun, when you fly high and free.

Don’t be crampin’ our style, we were all N0ob once,

if you slap em in-the-face, you’ll get a nuke back son!1


Disclaimer: Dagget is not a rapper, and upon reading you may feel side effects, including: Shame, confusion, loss of appetite, drowsiness, and gas. Please rap responsibly.

Dagget, you think your so good in your frigate?

I bet you get more thuds in a damn warp gate. 

I fly all high, mighty, yes I do. 

But calling me dumb, for flying better then you?


Let me set this straight, 

as I dont want to be late, for the match that will determine your fate. 

please try and follow me, beat me, if ya can. 

But all you drive is a slow trash can.


I fly alone, Ha, thats something i never knew. 

I only win with my teammates, something that you can never relate to.

Going in a frigate is something you do, but dont use when I’m coming after you! 

Listen boy, I rather see you explode into space, so I can enjoy the view,


Sure challenge me to a fight. 

I never back down from a skirmish in space

But I doubt you can handle my insane pace. 

So dont be afraid, come at me bro, I will be waiting, as long if you dont back down in fright.


Woah Dagget, hold on and sit still-

There’s no fragging doubt your rap style is ill

But sit down now son and move out of the way-

Evil’s entered the house and is here to stay.


So you’re cruisin’ around at the pace of a snail-

In a 'ceptors wet dream you’re the ffing holy grail

The 'packs right there, lurking in your dead spot-

You know what’s coming son, you’re about to get shot.


Such’ the life of the slow, lonely Engineer-

Ur limping back home, we’re already downing a beer

So next time you have the pack in your sight-

Ya’ll better make sure your escort is tight.


We’re here to represent and our xxxx is for real-

So listen up now son cause this is the deal

Simply go home now, cause we fly with the best-

Frig pilots either join us, or die like the rest.




Disclaimer: This is meant as some light-hearted community spirit, no personal offense or elitistm of any kind is intended or should be taken from the above post - which is entirely in jest/in-character with the topic. It was written prior to the last replies - but posted later due to work obligations.





If you think i’ll back down, your sadly mistaken

And I don’t hold grudges despite the bones your pickin’

I may not have skill to boast- I have persistence and luck

Its a joy watching people in my mine-field’s clutches!


I’ll always come to the fight, Sure i’m slow but i’m steady-

I’ll get there eventually, so you’d better be ready!

A hail of fire and drones, a boost for my allies too-

A frigball’s something nightmarish in your view!


I support the team, and pick you off from afar-

If i’m lucky that is, but optimism has served me till now.

Sure I blow up a lot, and hit asteroids too-

But at least I can say my paint-job’s always new!


So both your rappin’s rather fine and you got some flying skills-

But when it all comes down on the battlefield-

Your attitude’s just as important as your aiming and flight.

And when it all adds up at the end of the night

We all got laughs and repair bills- that’s how you do it right!



The image alone was worth it for this thread.




and i can never take one of them serious from now!


i my god i am laughing so fking hard!

This is gold.

Im sorry, I cannot stop laughing. I nearly fell out of my chair here at work seeing that. 

So one of these things is definitely not like the other. :]


Rap battle, on an ice rink!