Entity feedback

 Good day, forum residents! I would like to hold a small social survey that I call “pleasant with useful.” This will help find the most “problematic” game entities.

So, please leave your opinion about the following: Which modules are the worst (unused) in the game? Give up to 5 examples and a short description of why you think so. The submission form is as follows:

The name of the module.

Short description of the problem (1-2 sentences).

Possible solution (1-2 sentences)


I ask you to refrain from discussing and excessive flooding in this topic, it was not created for this! The topic for discussion here -> 



 Why do I want your responses? I represent a small group of enthusiasts who are willing to spend their time making the game better. You can help! We hold all corporations equal, and there are no imbalances in the group. Basically - we find problems and discuss them as a group, and then come up with a solution. If you are interested in participating in this, join our Discord server! ->https://discord.gg/wnkyauy


Deals close to no damage with very little usefulness.

Amp up damage and RoF, or give it another makeover like it has gotten before. (I liked the blue single-target pulsar version, but with less energy use and more useful time.


Satellite Crystal - Tai’Kin

The slow effect is not shown in stat window and there is no real counter for the slow effect.

Maybe using Flares to get rid of the slow and putting the drone on cooldown for 5-10sec?

Th’ak’Len - Waz’Got

Unused not because it’s bad but because it’s incredibly hard to obtain, the T5 version isn’t even obtainable in game.

Make it obtainable, maybe even by crafting, but not like the Plasma Burster.