ENOUGH with the stupid Open Space Transport missions

Remove the stupid Open Space transport missions. They are more trouble then they are worth. If I cancel it then I can’t cancel any of the other stupid missions like kill 25 ships with thermal or kinetic. I hate those missions too.


Give better missions PLEASE ← there, I said please

I love them well it’s mission most of it is easy cash ![:)](<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/001j.png “:)”)

They really erk me. Too many times I kill everything and the fukn cargo ship is long gone and warped out then I have to do it over again or a predator gets to it while I’m taking out the pirates or I kill the cargo ship while killing everything else. Its just not worth the trouble man. I spend about 5 minutes on all the other missions and the transports can take me up to 30+ minutes.


Don’t get me wrong, its not always like this but its a lot more often than it should be. Oh and lets not forget the trolls that decide to kill the transport to just troll you and say I’m invincible cause you have SP on and cant hurt me so I turn off SP and now I am killing them by mistake O.o

The 2 problem with this mission in my opinion is that:

  1. it is not possible to heal the cargo

  2. even with 70% em amor resist the predator kills me in 5sec

Open Space missions or PvE missions?

For players that don’t have much time playing the game then yes. For players that have plenty of time like myself, I just afk at gate and eventually cargo will make it through. My longest wait time is about 1 hour ± 10 minutes since I check game client every 10 minutes to see if mission is completed. If I have the transport 2 cargo mission then expect 2 hours wait time the most.