Engineering frigs description? how to

Seen this for the description on engineer frigate’s. 



Engineering Frigate. Builds various objects on the battlefield.





How do we go about building these? or is this a feature soon to be added?

I think the new defense drone should be given to engi, it is more fitting for the engineer’s role

I agree… it is more an engineers role… as for building things…


  1. Warp Gate

  2. Mobile shield

  3. Your hulls and shields

I think a turret would be cool, deployed in open space that shoots enemies 270 degrees in front of it (offering a blindspot), heals local allys for a minor amount say 50hull/shield per sec which does not stack with nanodrone clouds. Bigger and easier to shoot than an attack drone but with more hull. The turret should be more effective at killing close proximity fighters and not something that fires off slugs from upto 4000m which would allow stacking turrets of auto-aim death.


I’m sure this would come in handy, shouldn’t be op, and give us more stuff to build. 

Phig, we engi frigates already have the two attack drones as the special ability. I’m pretty sure that giving us another auto-turret is a bad idea… and there’s already enough complaints about OP healing.