[ENGINEER] Phoenix Guide





Out of Enclave Underground

The Phoenix frigate has since long been on the ’ underground market’. Its a pirate-class modification of a premium ship. This maker ship from “the Enclave” has hard-hitting potential.

The Phoenix (Phx) is a premium Empire engineer frigate (t3 rank 8). The Phoenix was designed for fleet support with the ability to deliver superb damage per second (dps) from close to middle range.


The UMC doesn’t cooperate with pirates or illegal companies. However, developed and customized by Pirates, the Phoenix can be purchased:
* in the Steam store (DLC, download content) :: Star Conflict: Pirate Pack - Dead Man’s Chest
* from the shop at gajin.net :: Dead man’s chest bundle

The Phoenix was designed for the support of fast and hammer-hitting pirate’s raids. It has a sister ship, the [Reaper](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/23174-guard-reaper-guide-standard-and-basisv20/).

The main features of this ship, are its alternative special module and unique powerful Pirate engineer modules.

Infamous Pirate Premium Ship

Premium ships have “Elite” status. They do not need repairs and are shipped with maximum synergy. They have aggressively balanced battle parameters and deliver increased free synergy production. And Pirate ships have stronger main weapons and more powerful capacitors, which is important for able frigates like the Phoenix.

In your Ship Builder’s Yard


The Phoenix [got an update in May 17, 2016](< base_url >/index.php?/topic/30494-developer-blog-from-may-17-phoenix-and-reaper/) : new weapons and modules and a new acquisition mechanic. Since this upgrade the _in_famous Phoenix NG can be build by all pilots in their private ship builder’s yard with special components that are unique to it. The necessary resources can be found during the trophy search phase after PvP, PvE and Co-op battles.


Necessary ship components, modules, and parts can be acquired by completing special assignments and can be found in special (bronze) containers.



The upgraded Phoenix NG has the unique ability to select its Special module (‘F’ key) before battle. Two special modules are available:
* 3 Phoenix drones :  unique alternative special module with the ability to switch drone operation modes. Up to 3 Phoenix drones with manual Attack/Repair mode switch. The drones attack a locked target or alternatively restore shield and hull. In ‘Recovery mode’ drones will restore not only shields but also the host’s hull. They won’t repair allies, but the repair effect is stronger, and the module is manageable more precise than that of its classic engineer auto-operation counterpart (see below). A switch to ‘Attack mode’ will make the drones start attacking the pilot’s locked target (or any enemy target nearby). The drone’s projectiles will reduce the target’s hull resistance to all types of damage by 5pts each for 5s. Hence, their attack power increases reciprocally with the target suffering from reduced hull resistances.

Name:                    Phoenix drones
Type:                 Special module drones    
DPS:                     764 EM
Damage:                 917 EM
Rate of fire:             50 rounds/min
Firing range:            2600 m
Max number of drones:    3 pts.    
Drone durability:        3339 hull pts.
Drone recharge period:    35s
Ship repairs:            120 shield&hull dmg/s
Energ. consumption:     50 en/s                
Max resistance reduction:50 pts (5pts. each shot for 5s)   

* 2 Combat drones : classical auto repair and attack drones. In operation, the drone cassette launches a drone every 35s with 2974 durability pts but no more than 2 at once. Drones attack enemies dealing 935 thermal damage/s in a 1950m range. Every single activation (drone-launch or self-destruct) uses up 330 energy pts. If the ship’s shield volume is below 50%, max. 2 drones will repair 165 shield volume pts per s instead of firing. Upon ‘self-destruct’ activation of one drone, 4160 shield pts for all alied ships in a perimeter of 1950m are restored and the drone switches off.

Name:                    Combat drones
Type:                 Special module drones    
DPS:                     953 EM
Damage:                 572 EM
Rate of fire:             100 rounds/min
Firing range:            1950 m
Max number of drones:    2 pts.    
Drone durability:        2974 hull pts.
Drone recharge period:    35 s
Ship repairs:            165 shield dmg/s
Energ. consumption:     0 en/s                
Recharge:                3 s
Range:                     1950 m
Build costs:            energy pts.
Activation (F):            330 energy pts.
Allied benefits on
self destruct (F):        4160 shield pts.

Pirate Mod of an Empire Engineer Frigate

The Phoenix is an interesting Pirates ship, in that it imposes its own special strengths and weaknesses. It is build up from an Empire frigate blueprint. However, Pirates builders are know to put much effort in the fire power of their ships, often neglecting other crucial specs of their ships like hull and shield, capacitor and engine. Not so the Phoenix. It is a balanced support role ship bearing enormous aggressive potential for firepower and damage per second, non the less.

Basic Specs


The Phoenix frigate is equipped with :

1 Engine Passive Module Slot
3 Hull Passive Module Slots

2 CPU Passive Module Slots

1 _Weapon_s Slot (4 weapon system mount points)
1 Ammo Slot

1 Missiles Slot (incl. Minelayer and Torpedo)

1 Special module Slot (2 alternative special modules)
4 Active modules Slots (incl. (Federation engineer modules for the Empire ship)

2 Additional devices Slots (pay for modules: credits or galactic standards)


Ship special bonus:

* Main weapon damage increased by 7%

* Critical chance increased by 6%

* Max speed increased by 10%

* Reloading rate of Engineer modules reduced by 20%

* Time to weapon heating increased by 20%

Nailer Gun

The unique and fearful special weapon of the Phoenix engineer frigate is its Nailer gun.


The Nailer gun is a rapid-fire weapon with high critical damage bonus (125%). The design of the Phoenix allows for putting out decent damage per second from medium long ranges of 5000m and up. The weapons below average spread helps in defeating small, fast and agile ships at close range, also.

Phoenix Engineer Modules

The Pirate mod of the Phoenix ship can be made battle ready with unique active modules allowing to share its shield with an ally or give an ally a separate shield.

Shield Sync


The active module Shield Sync can link the ships shield to an ally in line of sight. The Phoenix can transfer shield stregth of 1850 pts/s to its linked ally. As a side effect both linked ships benefit from an increase of critical chance by 35% for 5s.

Engineer Module Amplifying Shields


The active module Amplifying Shields gives an additional the shield volume to itself an a linked ally in a max range of 3000m. An additional shield of 5340 pts is build up around the Phoenix and the linked ship for 5s. Undestroyed, this shield gives an increase of critical chance of 50% for 5s upon powering down of the additional amplified shield for the Phoenix itself and its linked ally.


Crew and Implants


Red : implants, must have

Green : implants, personal choice

Blue : implants, in regard to your weapon or in regard to “all” your other ships effected by






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