There’s a variation in the way energy works, it seems. On many ships, not only one.

So, from Monday to Friday (afternoon?) the energy is stable, no matter what modules you use. AND, the speed is constant.


Now, the funny part: usually, from Friday afternoon (or Saturday for sure) things change big time: the energy is depleting if you move a lot in OS, the speed is higher (without changing any module), and so on. I believe the Jarl runs about 380m/s (or so…) Mo-Fr. During the weekend it goes up to about 408, if i remember correctly. This can be seen better with dessies, the energy depletes much, much faster in weekends.



  1. Why?

  2. What can i do to avoid this change, over the weekends?



Thanks, happy flying!


I’m going to have to do some testing. If this is actually happening I’m gonna be very concerned, but very interested! XD

Did you engage the auto afterburner key? That would explain all your observations.