Energy suppression modules



I have been banging my head against the wall for several hours today, i currently use the Swift MK 3 interceptor and it classfied as Energy suppression role, with the relevant bonuses.

However despite all my searching through the module lists, i cant find any modules that are classifed as “Energy Supression”.

Am i missing something? can some1 point me to the right direction?



Check under active modules, the shield vampire modules(can’t remember the right wording) the energy vampire and there are a few others.

Found in the the warhouse, tier 2, for some reason there are no energy suprresion modules for the tier I interceptor swift mk3.

Just like there aren’t support or engineering modules for frigates or how you only get one weapon for each type and so on and so on. Tier 1 isn’t supposed to have all that, tier 1 is simplified so new players can get to know the game. When you hit tier 2 you’ll see a lot more equipment.