Energy Regeneraition Curve


I had already guessed this, same with the shield I’ve had the feeling, but a less steep increase/decrease.


But thanks anyway!

If correct, seems to be taken straight out of EVE Online.

Mmm. That explains alot. 

If correct

This table is provided by devs

This table is provided by devs

Oh interesting. Well then you can probably check the EVE wiki for other formulas too. :wink:

Yeah, it is the same as EVE, which is why I noticed it :wink: If it was a stable one, it would be stuck at 100% while afterburning, but often it is at 30-60%

Thanks! Been wanting to know this out of curiosity.

> Condencator


I don’t even…

> Condencator


I don’t even…


I guess it sux to know more than 1 language, keep messing up words from different dictionaries.

Thanks Kosty, now i know how to make my KatS even more immortal x)

(tho i already felt how energy regen graph looked like - Eve ftw?)

It’s always at 33%-ish, if coded correctly. Even fitting a single energy regen mod is more than sufficient to keep you at that level for quite a long time while being fired at.

It actually isn’t Oryngton. It works like neuts in EVE.


Sustained draining of small amounts may keep you stable at the %, but when a heavy hit(Like 200-400 energy damage) lands you are blown right past your optimal, and the next hit will destroy your DS. Octopus is especially great at it, since it hits you several times for ~200 energy in rapid succession, causing your energy to drain in mere seconds.

Oh, if only Energy Neuts here worked like that…

+1 to energy neutralizing weapons that take a set amount of energy.

+1 to energy neutralizing weapons that take a set amount of energy.