Energy Consumption Bug on Autonomous Shield(Hull) Repair Station

It seems that there is a bug on Autonomous Shield(Hull) Repair Station that consumes ship’s energy. When the module is being used at the place where it collided with an object, a warning appear on screen and the module don’t work, well this is normal, but what abnormal is that this action consumes ship’s energy, well, I consider it is a bug as the energy go down when nothing actually happens. The module should’t consumes energy when it is not working. I don’t know if the same problem also occurs on the Hull Repair Station since I never use it, I assume that it appears on both modules as they’re in the same type. 

It does appear on both modules and is infact a bug. I was under the impression they already knew about it though since EvilTactician said it some time ago.(IIRC it was him)