"Endless Torment" Mode

Right off the bat, I would like to say that this mode would be the very first “single-player” mode in the game which has rewards!

This mode would only be available while waiting for battle in any mode, and not just at random. (To keep players in multiplayer modes, and also let them enjoy their time.)


After a player prepares to launch in to battle and they are waiting for the match to start, they will have a new button appear next to the “TO BATTLE” button.

-This button will instantly launch them in to a solo battle.

-Players can launch in to this solo mode even in a squad when waiting on a battle.

-The map would be relatively small and for the most part empty. Very symmetrical.

-Enemies would spawn in waves (Max 4 random enemies on the field at a time, including destroyers and Ellydium bots on harder waves).

-Enemies would grow more and more difficult as the waves progressed.

-Depending on the number of waves completed, the player would be rewarded with credits, resources, or even rare crates.

-All seed-chips will work in this mode and the waves will never stop as long as the player is waiting for a battle.

-Players will only be able to use the ships currently in combat slots.

-When a battle starts while the player is in this mode, it will end immediately and start the public battle.

-It will grant them a reward through mail to be opened after the battle.

-The longer the player is in this battle, the greater the reward, to compensate for longer wait times.

-Map and AI could be sent to be client-side like the “test drive” mode, so that there is no ping for the player in this mode. It would also save on server resources.



This mode would be made in such a way that is optimizes load speed, but also allows the player to earn rewards still while they are stuck in queue waiting for a match to begin.

Rewards for short battles will obviously be very little, but for battles where the user was able to fight for a long time will obviously yield a greater reward to compensate them for their time waiting.





A lazy option for this would be to apply a resource/credit/synergy multiplier to the battle, equal to the number of minutes waiting in queue, but this would be much less fun.


No lmao it’s about letting players play the game productively while waiting in queue, without causing the queue to suffer.