Ending of the “Helping the Outpost” event


Pilots! UMC informs that the event for the collection of the Federation guard frigate “Raven” will end in a week, on October 8.


Rank 16 Federation guard frigate “Raven”

Speed combined with excellent combat power allow Raven to go on the offensive together with advanced fighter squads and also quickly escape the battlefield. And thanks to a unique special module, the crew is safe from an enemy attack when retreating.


Special module “Shelter shield”

  • When activated, creates a mobile shield that occupies a position opposite to the ship’s direction of motion, reduces the main shield’s resistance to all damage types, and increases the ship’s maximum speed. In passive mode, increases shield resistance to all damage types.


Active module “Harpoon M1”

  • When it hits an enemy, creates an energy coupling between it and the player’s ship. During operation, the harpoon attracts the enemy.


Weapon “EMR-3 launcher”

  • Releases plasma spheres. Holding the button charges the weapon, increasing the damage of the projectile and reducing its size. The projectile is released automatically when the button is held for a long time.


Plasma Stabilizer

  • Special Raven ship part.
  • Can be obtained in the mission “Temple of Last Hope” by completing the task “Help the Outpost”.
  • Not available for trading